Naveed Brothers Textile Mills

The year 2000 introduced the company to the Textile Industry after the company started its Textile mills under the label Naveed Brothers Textile Mills situated in Lahore, Pakistan. To operations of the aforesaid mill supported by 174 Sulzer Shuttle-less looms and 48 Waterjet Looms allowing the company to export Greige, Finished Fabrics and Made ups (Home , Hospitality, Healthcare Textiles) to the International market. Our large production facility enables us to complete bulk orders in short lead-time. The management has decades of experience of the industry. We are proud to be leaders in quality. We believe in doing what we say!

Continuing the tradition, the company’s name is synonymous with quality and setting new standards of excellence in domestic, as well as international markets.

Our Mission

In Naveed Brothers, quality has always been the driving force and this fact is acknowledged and appreciated by all our clients. Thanks to the sheer hard work from our technical staff and good decision making from our management team. Our aim remains to give our customers a quality product and a quality service because we believe that our company’s growth solely depends on the satisfaction of our clients and that is the key to our success.

Message from C.E.O

Success is God-gifted. One has to deserve that. I bow my head in great reverence to Almighty God. Hard Work, sincerity, timely decisions, and honesty in business and profession have been my priorities. Moreover, decentralization of power is a principle and I have been following it which has helped in the result. Faith and dependence on workers, supervisors and managers result in greater volumes of Production than expected in normal situations. Co-operation with clients and staff all-inclusive has given me great satisfaction and believe me I received the same in response. We strive to improve our Quality Management System on a continuous basis through continuous internal Quality audits, training for our employees, continuous quality council meetings & the latest inspection and testing techniques, etc. May God bless all the well-wishers of Naveed Brothers Textile Mills.

Naveed Mukhtar



We are Selling Greige, Finished (Bleached, Dyed & Printed) and Madeups (Home Furnishing, Hospitality and Healthcare Textiles) to various International clients in USA, Canada, Europe and Far Eastern countries. Our target is to have more serious clients interested in buying of quality products.