Shuttle less Sulzer Looms

Naveed Brothers Textile Mills, established in year 2000 and comprises 174 Shuttle less Sulzer looms with a production capacity of 1.1 million meters per month. We also out source approx half Million meters of greige, dyed, and printed fabrics as per the requirements of our buyers. Our Sulzer looms are capable of producing Fabrics for Work wear, Home Textile and Institutional Articles. Our major markets are South Korea, China, USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia etc.

Machinery Details :

Warping: SCHLAFORT & Co., Origin Germany – 1. No

Sizing: SUKER, Origin Germany – 1. No

SULZER SHUTTLE LESS LOOM, Origin Switzerland – 174 Machines

• 122 Sulzer looms 153” width with Tappets.

• 16 Sulzer Looms 153” width with Dobby attachments.

• 36 Sulzer Looms 130” width with Tappets

Product Range:

We produce wide variety of Fabrics in multiple constructions & weaves:-

• Sheeting 1/1, Twills 2/1 & 3/1, Satins 4/1 weave (warp & weft satins), Stripe Satins, Poplins, Percales, Ducks Half Panama, Full Panama, Bedford Cord, Herringbone and Fabrication as per Buyer’s design and Specifications

The Fabric we produced are mainly from 100% Cotton , Blends of Polyester / Cotton as well as Acrylic / Viscose and Spun polyester

Finished Fabrics:

We are also providing huge range of Finished Fabrics for our valued clients world over as per below:

De-sized & Washed, PFP, PFD, PFGD Finishes, White Bleach, Reactive and Vat Dyed, Pigment Printed, Flat Bed Print, Panel Print, Digital Prints.

Water jet Looms

Naveed Brothers Textile Mills has an extensive Water Jet Weaving Unit set up having 48 machines in 110 inches width which produce an enormous variety of fabrics having multiple weaves ranging from 36 inches to 104 inches with maximum denier thread count. All machines are fully equipped with various kinds of secondary and auxiliary equipment tappet and Cam Dobby. We are specialized in producing Microfiber. We are producing around 0.5 million meters by every month.